“Take risks, even if it means making mistakes. Don’t go through life anesthetized or approach the world like tourists. Make a ruckus! Cast out the fears that paralyze you, … Live! Give yourselves over to the best of life! Open the door of the cage, go out and fly!” Pope Francis

Chaplaincy exists to put the young people in our school at the heart of all we do. They will be the decision makers of tomorrow and chaplaincy is there to give them the chance to develop their whole person. It provides opportunities to touch the divine in their lives. 

It helps them see how they can practically take action to reach out to others and that there is always something that we can do to support them. It is about helping our young people see that they are part of a wider community working for the good of all.

Through our prayer and reflection activities they can see that God is with us in all we do. Through our social justice activities our young people are reaching out just as we are told to in the parable of last judgement.