Catholic Life

Catholic Life

Religious Education, Collective Worship & Catholic Life

Our most recent inspection of the Catholic Life of our Academy found St Peter’s to be an outstanding school. Witness to Catholic Life and tradition permeate the whole school and Catholic ethos is clearly evident in the relationships between all stakeholders. Pupils are proud of their school and readily involve themselves in the many opportunities for supporting others through work, prayer and example.

Pupils understand value and respect the long Catholic tradition of our Academy and its links with the parish communities and across our trust. Pupils involve themselves in a range of extra-curricular activities which support others less fortunate than themselves. This includes outreach work in the community and within local churches.

Acts of collective worship, be they formal celebrations, assemblies, tutor group time or other occasions, engage pupils well. Pupils take part fully in prayers and liturgies and do so with confidence, including those who are not Catholic. This is either through planning and presentation or by reflective response. Pupils deliver and participate readily in issues which impact upon their Catholic belief and how they should respond, e.g. observed house assemblies which profiled the importance of human rights. In this act of collective worship, pupils both presented and responded to deeply important issues with maturity and respect. Pupils are skilful, appropriate to their age, in writing their own prayers and intercessions during tutor time. They enjoy the “Spiritual Day” each week where they have an opportunity to plan and prepare their own liturgies as well as learning about themes in the Church’s year.

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