Catholic Life

Catholic Life

Religious Education, Collective Worship & Catholic Life

Our most recent inspection of the Catholic Life of our Academy found St Peter’s has an “emerging Catholic character which manifests itself in the warm welcome given to visitors and the good relationships between the school and the community it serves.” 

Pupils understand, value and respect the long Catholic tradition of our Academy and its links with the parish communities and across our trust. Pupils involve themselves in a range of extra-curricular activities which support others less fortunate than themselves. This includes outreach work in the community and within local churches.

Acts of collective worship are an integral part of our school day. The pupils and staff begin and end each day in prayer. During the week pupils will also be part of a pupil led week collective worship which is reflecting on the theme for the week. 

The chaplaincy prefects work with our chaplain to help plan and prepare liturgies and other events which support the development of our Catholic life.

To find out more about the Catholic life, Collective worship and Religious Education in our school follow this link to our latest Diocesan inspection report: