Breakfast Club

We hope all students enjoyed their first term back at St Peter’s. We are thrilled to announce we have opened breakfast club!!!! 🥖🍞☕

Research has shown a direct link between the breakfast habits of children and their educational attainment with children in primary schools where breakfast is provided achieving on average up to two months’ additional academic progress over the course of a year. We think it is crucial that our students start their day well so that they can focus in class and achieve their full potential. In partnership with the Department for Education, Family Action, Magic Breakfast and the National School Breakfast Programme, we are offering breakfast to every student every morning in our canteen.

What: A friendly place to eat breakfast, complete last minute homework and catch up with friends.

Where: Dining Hall

When: Every morning 7.45-8.20am


After Schools Clubs

We would like to introduce a multi skills after school club for year 7 which will
be bi-weekly on a Monday afternoon 2pm-3pm. The purpose of the club is to
encourage sports participation, increase confidence and build new relationships. There is
no cost for this activity.
This multi skills club will provide a non-sport specific, fun, challenging and enjoyable
starting point for children’s involvement in sport. Sessions include a wide variety of
games and activities, all involving the development of skills and attributes that can be
applied to a range of sports and physical activities that a child may subsequently choose
to participate in.
A high quality multi-skills experience is a fantastic starting point for children on their
journey towards lifelong participation or performance in sport. Multi-skills training can also
be used to support the development of children that perhaps have already selected a
particular sport, but are looking for extra skills and a change of scenery.